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Name: Nakum Navinbhai
Vanavad,ta.bhanvad,do.devbhumidwarka 360530
Total Land: 25
Irrigation Facility: Yes
Types of Irignation: Flood
Local Cow :

1 desi

Bullcock: 2
Cultivation Practice: Tractor
SPNF Workshop Attended: 2017 jam kandorna 2020 vadatal

Kharif: groundnut, cotton,patta cobi,makka,sun flawars
Rabi:onion,bansi wheat, coriander,jira,methi, mustard,chana

Local Seed Available ? : Yes
Bijamrita Treatment Done or Not ?: Yes
Ghanjiwamrita Treatment Done or Not ? : Yes
Multching Done: Straw & Live
SPNF Spray Schedule Delivery:

15 din har astami jivamrut or chas

What changes found after following SPNF in soil, crops, health, irrigation water requirement, production, life:

Nuntam water requirement
Crop is healthy
Soil is smooth

How you are propagating SPNF and motivating other farmers:

200 farmers

SPNF produce Ava for sale - details:

Mulya vardhan
Dyrect customer


Panch stariy bagvani and vegitebals

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