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Blck Wheat
Blck WheatHaldiJiraHaldiSoyabean
Name: Kashyap H Ray
Vasanpura, Savli 391770
Total Land: 20
Irrigation Facility: Yes
Types of Irignation: Flood
Local Cow :

20 / Gir, Kankrej

Bullcock: 1
Cultivation Practice: Tractor
SPNF Workshop Attended: 2019 / Vadtal

Soyabean / Arhar / Wheat / Jira / Dhanaiya / Methi / Black mustard / Haldi Powder / Black Wheat

Local Seed Available ? : No
Bijamrita Treatment Done or Not ?: Yes
Ghanjiwamrita Treatment Done or Not ? : Yes
Multching Done: Straw & Live
SPNF Spray Schedule Delivery:

Jiwamrit 20 Days in all crop
Saptdhanya ark at last stage og gain setting,
Dasparni ark as per requirement

What changes found after following SPNF in soil, crops, health, irrigation water requirement, production, life:

Soil is much batter texuture and smother then chemical farming, crop is well grow and healthy, irrigation is less required as compared to chemical farming, production same as chemical farming but cost is very low so profit going high,

How you are propagating SPNF and motivating other farmers:

Regular meetings and contact new young farmer to motivate...

SPNF produce Ava for sale - details:

Jira, Dhaniya, methi, Black mustard, Haldi Powder blck Wheat


100% SPNF steps following

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