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Name: Basavaraj A M
Basavaraj A M, S/o Mahadevappa.H.M 577512
Total Land: India
Irrigation Facility: Yes
Types of Irignation: Drip
Local Cow :

3 cows, Amruthmahal and 2 calf

Cultivation Practice: Bullcocks
SPNF Workshop Attended: Not attended any work shope, raed book

Areca nut, Coconut

Local Seed Available ? : Yes
Bijamrita Treatment Done or Not ?: No
Ghanjiwamrita Treatment Done or Not ? : No
Multching Done: Straw & Live
SPNF Spray Schedule Delivery:

Not yet given

What changes found after following SPNF in soil, crops, health, irrigation water requirement, production, life:

Many friendly insects are found. change in plants health is seen.

How you are propagating SPNF and motivating other farmers:

By watching the intrest in them I am guiding the people about SPNF. Not forcing anyone but if they come with intrest I will not leave them.

SPNF produce Ava for sale - details:

Arecanut and Coconut


Started SPNF in 2020 February and now I am happy and enjoying it.

Contact Information
Phone: 09663669846

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